Tips for Creating a Good Listing

Tips for Creating a Good Listing

There are many ways to ensure that your item gets a good start in life on bidorbuy. Here are some tips on how to go about it:


If you are selling an item as a Buy Now, set the price so that it is both low enough to be competitive and high enough to make you a profit. If you are selling on Auction, set your opening bid at the lowest amount at which you are prepared to let a buyer have the product and opt for low bid increments.


Choose a short, accurate, clear and informative title. Put the most important information first. Don’t include any “funny” characters and / or punctuation marks. Take special care to avoid spelling errors in the title: get one letter wrong, and no one will be able to find your item when searching for it.


An accurate and detailed or informative description will help the buyer make an informed decision. Include all important details and take care to list all defects / damages known to you, especially if you are selling a second-hand item. Some sellers find that “salesy” approach works best for their products. Others do well with a concise, matter-of-fact description. If you have a story to tell in connection with your item, by all means do so; a good story can seal a sale. Whichever style you use, make sure to check your grammar and spelling.


Image is the single most important "bait" for attracting visitors. When it comes to selling items online, the importance of good images cannot be overestimated. Insert at least three to four good quality images. The images should show the item from different angles or focus on details.

Listing duration

List for shorter durations (seven to ten days maximum), because the closer to the ending date your item is, the further up it will be placed on bidorbuy in the category page and in the search results page. If you are listing in the Auction format, end your auction between 9:00am and 5:00pm to catch office workers.

Payment options

Offer multiple payment methods, and be sure to include bobPay-EFT.

Warranties and guarantees

Offering a money-back guarantee, as well as a warranty if applicable, is an excellent way to help your product sell.


Ensure that your terms of sale, guarantees or warranties, payment and shipping options are clear and easy to read.


Use bidorbuy paid enhancements to make your listing more visible. If you are on a shoe-string budget, make the enhancements work extra hard for you by listing several items on bidorbuy at the same time, enhancing only one of them, and inserting links to your other items in the description. 

Give something for free

Offering free shipping or including a free gift may go a long way in helping your item sell quickly.

Get a free ride

Keep an eye on the main banners on the bidorbuy home page. Every month bidorbuy promotes different categories. Try to get hold of a line of products that fit the categories being promoted.

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