The bidorbuy Affiliate Programme - Earn Extra Money

The bidorbuy Affiliate Programme - Earn Extra Money

Anyone buying or selling anything can earn extra money by simply joining the Affiliate Programme. Be part of the most innovative affiliate programme in South Africa and earn up to R100 per Confirmed Registered User* that you refer and be part of the success of Africa's online marketplace,

What is an affiliate programme and how does it work?

Have you ever been in a situation where you tell a friend or someone about a really great shop where they can buy something they are looking for? In exchange you get a cut of the deal for setting up the connection.

An affiliate programme is very similar to a networking opportunity that allows you to earn money. Basically, you send people to a particular website through your own site or via a link or URL that they follow. They then buy something from that site and you are paid a commission.

So if you send people a link or you are a website owner and people visit another site from yours you can earn money.

It's that simple!

Setting up an effective affiliate programme with bidorbuy

Firstly you need to refer friends to bidorbuy or set up a website of your own to refer visitors to bidorbuy. If you set up your own website, select a topic that you enjoy and have interest in. That way you can update it and improve the site while doing something you get pleasure from. Choosing a product or service in a small niche market you have a passion for would be the best place to start. By doing that you will draw more people to your site, thus creating a community of people who are all interested in the same thing which will increase the money you earn through the affiliate programme. The more targeted your traffic, the better your chances that people will buy.

The bidorbuy affiliate programme works on a tiered scale: the more referrals you generate, the more you get rewarded. Affiliates are compensated based on three criteria:
  1. A fee paid per confirmed registered user* (on a tiered scale i.e. the more users referred, the higher the fee paid per user).
  2. A fee paid per click resulting directly in a bid** (within the same session).
  3. A fee paid per user that signs up to a bidorbuy selling seminar.

Normal Rates

Monthly active registration tiers

  1. 1 - 19 users: R40.00 per user
  2. 20 - 49 users: R50.00 per user
  3. 50 - 249 Users: R60.00 per user
  4. 250 - 499 Users: R70.00 per user
  5. 500 - 999 Users: R80.00 per user
  6. 1000+ Users: R100.00 per user
 A Confirmed Registered User is one that registers and performs a specific action within 60 days: places a bid on an auction, buys something at a fixed price, or responds to a classified ad.

Monthly bid tiers

  1. 1 - 249 bids: R0.40 per bid
  2. 250 - 999 bids: R0.50 per bid
  3. 1000 - 4999 bids: R0.60 per bid
  4. 5000 - 9999 bids: R0.80 per bid
  5. 10000+ bids: R1.00 per bid

Sign up process

All bidorbuy registered users are eligible to start using the affiliate programme, If you are not yet a registered bidorbuy user then

Get a username and password by registering as a user (bidder) on bidorbuy.
In order to participate you need to agree to the bidorbuy Affiliate terms and conditions.

You can then start earning immediately.

Affiliate tools

bidorbuy provides you with a number of tools to assist you in earning money. Log into your bidorbuy account and go to the Affiliate Section to find these tools:
  1. Trade feed generator: This is a tool that allows you to display bidorbuy products on your own web site. The types of products that are displayed can be customised based on your website content and get updated automatically as the products change on bidorbuy. If a user clicks from the feed on your web site then you are eligible to earn referral fees from this user as per the bidorbuy affiliate programme.
  2. Banners / Buttons: Use your own creative elements to promote bidorbuy and earn money or you can use some standard banners from our creative library.
  3. Referral page: You can send referral links to your friends or family by email from the affiliate section in mybidorbuy. You can add a number of email addresses on the referral form. An email will be sent to each person with a link back to bidorbuy.
It is very important to ensure that you use the right links when promoting bidorbuy so that you get rewarded for your referrals.

How to get involved and make money from doing something you enjoy: an example

John has been interested in radio-controlled planes since he was a child. As he grew older so did his knowledge and passion for planes.

As he has been buying many of his accessories over the years from the internet he has a large network of good sites to visit as well as experience in planes, from assembly through to fixing broken wings and repairing old parts.

One site where John gets good deals is There are quite a few sellers on the website who have some great deals. He also sells various products on bidorbuy.

John has designed his own simple website where he gives good advice on how to build a plane, what the best way is to get into the hobby and he even has some pictures of his flying wizard that he built. It is a really simple website but has excellent information and ideas. John has many visitors coming to his site on a daily basis.

By adding a link through to the bidorbuy website on his own website, John earns money every time one of his visitors becomes a registered user* on bidorbuy. He has also displayed bidorbuy products on his website. Only products related to his hobby are loaded and they get automatically updated as the products change on bidorbuy. If someone visits John's website and they buy a product from clicking through to bidorbuy John will earn referral fees.

So by having a simple website about something he has a passion for, John attracts more users and makes more money as more people visit bidorbuy. He earns money without doing much work!

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