Rating Rules

Rating Rules

The following are our rating system rules mentioned in clause 7 of the Terms and conditions of use of this site.
  1. Buyers can only rate the sellers they bought from.
  2. Sellers can only rate the buyers who bought from the.
  3. Both buyers and sellers must adhere to the bidorbuy rating rules.
  4. Comments and ratings cannot be edited once submitted. Please think carefully before submitting your comments, because your trading partner may hold you liable for possible damage caused.
  5. You may not abuse the rating system. Abuse of the system includes using accounts of your friends or your own secondary accounts to lower the rating of another member or raise your own rating. Threatening, discriminatory or profane language is also abuse of the system and is not allowed.
We would like to promote and preserve free speech and therefore will remove comments only in exceptional circumstances. bidorbuy reserves the right to delete any rating at its sole discretion. If you feel that you have received an unfair rating or you have evidence of any abuse of the rating system, please contact us on hello@bidorbuy.co.za and we will investigate the matter. Please note that this investigation may take several weeks.

Circumstances where bidorbuy may delete a rating include, but are not limited to:
  1. The rating contains links to other pages or images or contains information not related to interacting with the user on bidorbuy in accordance with the rating rules.
  2. The rating contains adult material or profane, abusive, discriminatory or threatening language.
  3. When we are required by law to do so.

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