Prompts - Options for Buyers When They Check Out

Prompts - Options for Buyers When They Check Out

Prompts are an advanced bidorbuy selling tool that can be used to up-sell or to obtain additional information from buyers when they complete an order on the bidorbuy website. Sellers can configure prompts to optionally add additional charges to the total order amount should a buyer select a particular prompt option. The ways in which prompts can be used is virtually endless. Here are a few examples:
  1. Asking (prompting) buyers whether they would like their item packaged in a gift box.
  2. Offering buyers additional ink cartridges with a printer purchase.
  3. Requiring buyer to select a T-shirt size, e.g. small, medium or large.
  4. Finding out some additional information from a buyer, for example a note to the receiver if the item is a gift.
  5. Prompts can be configured to be mandatory or optional for buyers to select and are set on a per item / listing basis, so that if a buyer has an order with multiple items from the same seller, the buyer will be prompted on a per item level.
To set up your prompts, go to your My bidorbuy and click on the Prompts link under Sales tools. In the window that opens, either create your prompts from scratch or copy and edit the sample prompts provided.

Once you have prompts set up, you will be able to asign them to the new listings you create.

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