Manage Your Sales - Sales Administration

Manage Your Sales - Sales Administration

The Selling tab of the My bidorbuy contains all the information related to your selling activity on bidorbuy.

In Sell items section, you list your merchandise for sale by selecting one of the standard bidorbuy formats: auction, buy now or classified. Bulkload items link allows you to upload several items at a time with the help of a CSV file.

The Sales tools section allows you to upload images, set your payment options and shipping charges, and enter prompts which will enable the buyers to select a specific variant of the product you are selling.

Tip: It is advisable to formulate your payment options and shipping charges in advance. That will save you time while listing the actual item and allow you to concentrate on the item itself.

In the My seller section you can review your account history, see and print your fee invoices and statements, pay your account manually, change account payment method and view the bidorbuy rate card.

The Listings section gives you an overview of your selling endeavours on bidorbuy. You can see which listings are closing soon, open, and not yet open. Here you may also review the history of your listings, as well as search for specific listings.

The Acitivity section links to the unanswered questions by buyers as well as to all questions.
Tip: Answering questions promptly improves your chances of making  a successful sale.
  1. Use the Offer link when you want to invite bidders on your closed auctions to buy the item at the price you specify.
  2. The Ratings from buyers link contains all the ratings you received during the past month, during the last three months and during your entire bidorbuy career.
  3. The link to blocked buyers leads to the list of buyers who are unable to buy from you because you blocked them.
  4. The Sales section contains links to the items you sold within the past two days, past week and past month, arranged by the selling format. You may also search for a specific sale. 
  5. The Pending credit card payments link is for the seller's acceptance of bobPay credit card payments
  6. The All buyers requiring feedback link allows you to rate your buyers. If you have listed items in the classified format, you can find responses here. The Sale not complete (SNC) section allows you to file an SNC and review the status of the pending SNCs, as well as access the list of the completed ones. The SNC mechanism provided by bidorbuy enables sellers to claim back success fees on items where the buyer has reneged on a transaction.

bidorbuy provides a comprehensive dashboard within My bidorbuy, allowing you to analyse your business with regards to what works and what doesn't. Among the most useful data you have at your disposal is the number of visitors to your listings. Use this information when you plan your listing strategies.

Your profile on bidorbuy

Your bidorbuy profile page is your public front. By clicking on your user name, everyone can see the items you sell and the items you sold recently, as well as your ratings and the feedback from buyers.
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