Listing in 2 Categories - Additional Exposure

Listing in 2 Categories - Additional Exposure

List your item in two categories to get more exposure on bidorbuy. The second category can be either one of regular bidorbuy categories, or a special (seasonal) catalogue).

List your item in two regular categories

You may list any item in two categories. However, the item must be suitable to both categories. For example, a mosaic plate can feature in both Finished crafts - Mosaics and in Home & Living - Decor. Never list your item in a wrong category!
  1. Choose the primary category and create the listing.
  2. Under Enhance your listing, tick the box next to Promotional category listing.
  3. Select bidorbuy and the relevant second subcategory.

List your item in special promotions

There are several special, season-dependent online selling events organised on bidorbuy, such as:
  1. Christmas catalogue
  2. Valentine's Day catalogue
  3. Mother’s Day catalogue
  4. Father’s Day catalogue
To list your item in a special (seasonal) category, follow these steps:
  1. Choose the primary category and create the listing.
  2. Under Enhance your listing, tick the box next to Promotional category listing.
  3. Select Promotion and the most appropriate subcategory.
Tip: The special promotions option will be available only in the period leading to the relevant event, for example Christmas. Special promotions (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and so on) are extensively promoted on bidorbuy. Please note that items in the X-Rated category may not be featured.
There is an enhancement fee for listing in the second category and in the special (seasonal) promotions.
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