How to Sell - Step 3: Buyers Place Bids or Buy Using Buy Now

How to Sell - Step 3: Buyers Place Bids or Buy Using Buy Now

After you have created your listing and it is live on bidorbuy, potential bidders and buyers can find it.

Interested buyers or bidders may ask you questions about your product via the Ask a Question link located on the item listing page. An email will be sent to you whenever visitors ask a question. It is important to respond to questions promptly because this may increase the likelihood of a sale. Please remember that contact details are not permitted in the Q&A.

You will also get an email when a buyer bids on your item; when a buyer places a buy-now order; and when there is a winner on an auction.

You can also log into your My bidorbuy to view all questions awaiting answers, bids, orders, sales, and so on.

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