How to Buy - Step 3: Completing the Purchase

How to Buy - Step 3: Completing the Purchase

After you have won an auction or added an item to your shopping cart, the next step is to complete your purchase.

Completing the buy-now purchase

Your shopping cart

When you click on Buy now button, the item will be placed in your shopping cart. You may then continue shopping to add more buy-now items to your cart. To access your cart, click on the Cart button. Once in your cart, you can remove items from your cart, continue shopping or continue to the checkout.

Proceed to checkout

When you are ready, go to your shopping cart and click on the Checkout button.

Select quantities and item options

Review and modify your order here. Select the quantity that you would like to purchase and specify any options that may be offered (for example, shoe size or T-shirt colour). Then click on the Continue button.

Shipping option and delivery address

Here you can view or change your delivery address and select a shipping option. The charge box will be automatically populated with the correct shipping charges. If the seller has not set up any shipping options, check the item description or click on the Ask a question link in the item listing. Once you have established the shipping fee, enter it in the field provided. When you are happy with all the details, proceed to the next step.

Review your order

Check your order details and your delivery address. If you are happy, confirm your order and proceed to make the payment.

Make the payment

On the payment page, select a payment method. Simply click on the button next to the payment option you wish to use and complete the payment process as requested.
Buyers are advised to use the payment options that are covered by the bidorbuy Buyer Protection Programme.
Please note: it is important to use the correct reference number when paying via bobPay EFT (internet banking / direct deposits using bobPay). Read step-by-step instructions on how to complete your order and make payment.

Once you have completed the order, you will receive an email giving you the order and seller details. Once payment has been received, confirmed and allocated by bidorbuy, both buyer and seller will be notified via email.

If you are buying multiple items using the shopping cart, click on the Shopping cart button to continue with other orders.

Completing the purchase after winning an auction

If you win an auction, you will receive an email confirmation asking you to complete your purchase online. To complete the auctions you have won, proceed to the checkout as described above, in the Completing the buy now purchase section.

You can also track your buy-now orders and the auctions you have won through your My bidorbuy. Under All items bought or won, you will be able to see all your purchases, whether on auction or at a fixed price. From there, you can proceed to complete the auctions you have won.

To view the complete how to buy process:

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