How Do I List Multiple Items - Bulk Listing Or Uploading?

How Do I List Multiple Items - Bulk Listing Or Uploading?

Bulk upload is one of the tools available to bidorbuy advanced sellers. It is a great tool for those sellers who wish to list many items at once. You can upload items in bulk with the help of a CSV spreadsheet:
  1. Make sure you are registered as an Advanced seller.
  2. Download a CSV sample spreadsheet
  3. Fill in all the details and save the sheet as a CSV file on your computer
  4. Go to the Selling tab in your My bidorbuy.
  5. In the Sell items section, click on Bulk load items.
  6. Select the CSV file from your computer and upload it.
  7. If you make mistakes on the CSV sheet, you will receive error messages once you have uploaded the file. The error messages will reveal the mistakes that you have made in each line. Correct these mistakes and upload the entire sheet again.
For more details on bulk uploading, please see the Bulk upload tool article.

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