Bulk Upload Tool - Listings Many Items at Once

Bulk Upload Tool - Listings Many Items at Once

The bulk uploading tool allows advanced sellers to list up to 1000 items at once. If you often load 20 – 30 items at once, then this tool will save you a lot of time. You can format all your listings in a single spreadsheet offline and upload all your listings in one go.

How to bulk upload items

To make use of the bulk uploading tool, please follow these steps:

1. Create a CSV file
Open a spreadsheet (for example, in Excel) and save it as a CSV type file (select File > Save As and change the file type to CSV). You may download a sample CSV file here.

In your CSV file, specify for each product:
  1. Listing type: This can be Fixed price, English auction or Classified.
  2. Category: Bulk uploader uses numbers to identify bidorbuy categories. To find the list of category numbers, please click here. Note that the Primary category is mandatory and that the optional Second promotional category incurs a fee.
  3. Description: Bulk uploaded recognises only HTML. If you do not have a working knowledge of HTML, create the listing description in the standard bidorbuy listing editor, click on the Source button to copy the HTML code and paste it in the appropriate column of your CSV file.
  4. Thumbnail image: If you only have one image, save it on your device and upload it through bidorbuy when creating your listing. To upload multiple images via a single CSV file, please follow the steps described on this page.
  5. Enhancements: Note that all enhancements you select in your CSV file incur a fee.
  6. Please note that the CSV file only uploads images destined for the thumbnail position (top left of the listing). If you want images to appear in the listing description, please insert them in the HTML of the "Describe Your Item" box (see above). All images must be in JPEG (jpeg, jpg), GIF (gif) or PNG (png) format. As from June 2017, all image URLs must be HTTPS. Please read more here.
2. Fill in all other relevant information
for each product (title, opening and closing times, quantity, shipping charges, warranties, and so on).
Make sure that your file is saved as a CSV (if necessary, select File > Save As and change the file type to CSV).

3. Upload the CSV file to bidorbuy
Once you have created your spreadsheet and saved it as a CSV file, upload it to your bidorbuy selling profile. This done from the Bulk upload page.

4. Browse for the relevant CSV file on your computer
Select it, tick the check box stating that you agree to the bidorbuy Terms and fees, and press the Upload button.

You may also use the bulk upload tool in the Selling tab of My bidorbuy section. Log into My bidorbuy, go to the Selling tab and click on the Bulkload items link the Sell section. You will be prompted to upload the saved CSV file.
Tip: If you have already loaded items manually through the normal web-based interface and want to quickly relist them changing only a few fields, use the picklist tool: select all the relevant items and click on Generate bulkload CSV button. You can then edit the items in the CSV file and upload them in bulk.
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