bidorbuy Selling Fees

bidorbuy Selling Fees

bidorbuy charges different fees based on the category you list in and the selling format that is chosen. 

Listing fees

Sellers pay a listing fee for each item listed in the classified format and in the service-related categories listed below. The listing fee is payable whether a sale ensues or not. 
  1. There is no success fee for items listed in the classified format and in the service-related categories. 
  2. To list in all other categories is free of charge.

Success fees

bidorbuy charges a category-based success fee (up to a maximum of R5,000 excl. VAT per item), as well as a final order value fee. A success fee is charged on the sale value of the item sold on bidorbuy. Success fees vary depending on the category where the item is listed. 

Final order value fees

The final order value fee is charged on the difference between the value of an item and the final order value (including shipping, insurance, and any other payments made by the buyer).

Enhancement fees

Enhanced listings help sellers promote their items by increasing their visibility on bidorbuy. The enhancement fee is charged whether the item sells or not. Different enhancement fees apply depending on whether the item is listed for sale (in the auction or buy-now format) or as a classified. You may choose a combination of several enhancements. You will be charged separately for all the options selected. Learn more about the benefits of enhancing your listings.

Fee rate card

See our detailed fee rate card for a full breakdown of bidorbuy fees.

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